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The Growth of Tartan

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Charles Edward Stuart, King George IV, Sir Walter Scott, The Sobieskis, the Smith Brothers, William Wilson and Queen Victoria . . . all pivotal figures in the establishment of tartan as the quintessential Scottish icon . . . . aided and abetted by the Celtic gene pool where spirituality and romanticism blossomed in the bright light of emigration.

The growth of tartan is an unstoppable force; perennially on fashion catwalks, in wedding ceremonies, school uniforms, burgeoning pipe bands and in companies large and small. There is huge growth too amongst individuals, some of whom now can't find a single Scottish gene, but who eagerly embrace the magic of their own tartan to give them a unique identity and act as adhesive for even greater family bonding.

This large section dips into that Celtic gene pool and a wide range of tartan topics. We hope you enjoy it!


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