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At last — Country of Origin Labelling


Consumers have been asking for it . . . industry has been asking for it . . .  and at long last it's here - a certifiable ticketing scheme supervised by the independent and highly regarded Scottish Tartans Authority.


The STA coat of arms together with the words 'Scottish Tartans Authority' is now a registered trademark and a new ticketing scheme has been introduced to allow weavers and manufacturers to assure  customers of the genuine provenance of their products.

It should be emphasised that the scheme is only open to bona fide members of the STA  and the acceptance of products for appropriate  ticketing will be rigorously administered. As use of the scheme widens, companies signing up will be listed on the STA website. Similarly, any companies found to be abusing the scheme will have their membership cancelled and a note of that action posted for public scrutiny on the STA website.

Woven in Scotland
This is for use only on fabric and fabric products woven in Scotland by STA members .

Jacket 205px wideMade in Scotland
This is for application to products Made in Scotland by STA members. Buyers may find it on articles of dress or household items where the fabric may not have been woven in Scotland (i.e. Dupion silk or kilt jacket fabric) but the item itself has been made in Scotland.
It can also be applied to products other than those made of fabric i.e. sporrans, sgean dhus, kilt hose and the whole range of Highland dress and other items made in Scotland.

This is for the use of STA members on products approved  by the STA that could have been, but need not necessarily have Collins map 205px widebeen made in Scotland. This would cover such items as tartan ribbon, tartan carpets, clan tartan maps and any products that the STA considers beneficial to the Highland dress world or the wider heritage market.

For some products, swing tickets may not be appropriate so look for the printed equivalent as shown here on the new Collins Tartans of Scotland Map, prepared with and approved by the Scottish Tartans Authority. (It's being launched on August 2nd 2012 and will be in our online shop around then - it's a beaut!)

If demand is sufficient, woven labels will also be made available.

This scheme is your assurance of the origin of the products you are buying. If you come across products without STA ticketing, you should query the country of origin. If satisfied that it is Scotland, then you will be helping your retailer/vendor, his suppliers and the buying public by suggesting that he insists on proof of origin for future consignments.

Reverse 205px wide

 Woven 205px wide

 Made in Scotland 205px wide

 Approved 205px wide

If you are a weaver, manufacturer or relevant service provider and would like to consider the scheme, please contact us. 

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