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  • Name of Tartan:
    Nickel Lodge Centennial (Corporate)
  • ITI Number: 920
  • Category: Canadian Corporate
  • Designer / Source: MacLeod, F.Gordon
  • Date: Sept. 1988
Nickel Lodge Centennial (Corporate)
  • Notes: Nickel Lodge is a Masonic lodge (No 427) based in Sudbury, Ontario and this tartan was designed by Brother F. Gordon MacLeod who was the Grand Master of Nickel Lodge in 1982 & 1986. n 1986. He was also a weaver and gives the following explanation on www.nickellodge.ca "Grey: for nickel. Gold: for our Centennial (1991). Blue: for Masonry and our many lakes and rivers. White: representing purity and our winter snows. Green with: representing our fields and forests. Brown ???? I then created a trial warp with changes as I warped until I arrived at the present design, and completed the weaving of a scarf which was presented to the members at the November, 1988 meeting when the tartan was approved.. Through correspondence with the Tartan Society of Scotland, I received a proper form to make application to register the Nickel Lodge Centennial Tartan. For 25 sterling, the tartan was officially registered in May, 1989. (Centennial Tartan thread count: 36 grey, 2 gold, 1 grey, 2 gold, 4 grey, 12 blue, 8 white, 2 brown, 12 green). The first scarf was presented to the Grand Master on his official visit for the dedication of the new Lodges Rooms at Gore Bay. In this Centennial year, the tartan is available in scarves, stoles, ties, and cummerbunds. Anybody is welcome to use the thread count to weave a beautiful tartan cloth. By way of interest, there is approximately a half mile* of yarn in one scarf." Lochcarron sample. Count doubled for clarity.
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  • Nickel Lodge Centennial (Corporate)
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