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  • Name of Tartan:
    Knights Templar Dress (Corporate)
  • ITI Number: 6640
  • Category: Corporate
  • Designer / Source: Unknown
  • Date: pre 2005
  • Slog: WRK:KWK
  • Colour Sequence: WRKRKRWKRKWK
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Knights Templar Dress (Corporate)
  • Notes: Labelled as the official dress tartan of the OSMTH - SMOTJ Kinghts Templar. No further details. Black pivot threadcount not guaranteed. Further information can be obtained at admin@ordotempli.org The Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, Latin for the "Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem", and often shortened to the initials OSMTH or SMOTJ, is an ecumenical Christian society based on the traditions of the medieval Knights Templar and principles of chivalry. OSMTH/SMOTJ is a contemporary Knights Templar Order which is a reconstitution of the former religious/military order founded after the first crusade, not having a head of state as sovereign (obsolete concept in the age of democratic republics where the people are sovereign). SMOTJ was created in 1804 and is dedicated to the preservation of the holy sites in and around Jerusalem, charitable works, and antiquarian research. In 2001, the largest governmentally registered (Swiss registration: CH-660-1972999-4) association of the SMOTJ was recognized by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.
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  • Knights Templar Dress (Corporate)
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