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  • Name of Tartan:
    Scottish Knights Templar Int. (Corp)<div style="display:none">africa aid <a href="http://thegeorgiaclubforum.com/abortionpills/page/ways-to-contract-hiv.aspx">cause of aids</a> symptoms of hiv aids</div>
  • Alternative Name: International.
  • ITI Number: 560
  • Category: Corporate
  • Designer / Source: Davidson, Capt T.S.
  • Date: 1979
  • Slog: BRK:RBK<div style="display:none">africa aid <a href="http://thegeorgiaclubforum.com/abortionpills/page/ways-to-contract-hiv.aspx">history of hiv and aids</a> symptoms of hiv aids</div>
  • Colour Sequence: BRKNKNKBR
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Scottish Knights Templar Int. (Corp)<div style=africa aid cause of aids symptoms of hiv aids
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  • Notes: "An Order of Chivalry serving God and Scotland." Full name is "Scottish Knights Templar of MilitiTempli Scotia, International". One of three similar designs which were designed by Capt T.S. Davidson* in 1978. All were ratified and approved by the Grand Conclave of the Militi Scotia S.M.O.T.J.* in Perth - 28 Mar 1998. Stuart Davidson started the Scottish Tartan Society in 1966. There are slight differences between each one which dictates which 'branch' of the order is entitled to wear it. * Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jeruslalem
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">Scottish Knights Templar Int. (Corp)<div style=africa aid cause of aids symptoms of hiv aids
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