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  • Name of Tartan:
    Buie (Name)
  • ITI Number: 1590
  • Category: Name
  • Designer / Source: Unknown
  • Date: 1968
Buie (Name)
  • Notes: Sindex notes: "Details from Mr Buie of Atlanta, Georgia 1968." Tony Murray did quite a bit of research into this in 1971 but came to no firm conclusions. He did say that "It resembles MacLaine of Lochbuie"(#1590) in construction if not in colour and may well be a corruption of it or a deliberate differencing for an individual called Buie. (BW Feb.2005). MacLaine of Lochbuie frequently gets written as Loch Buie overseas. There are also suggestions that Buie is an alternative spelling of Bowie - a name said to be from Jura and S. Uist.
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  • Buie (Name)
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