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Kilt Passports

The Kilt Passport is an exciting initiative from the Scottish Tartans Authority designed to chart the life and times of each and every traditional kilt made and sold by Kilt Pasport front coverits Members.

Why a Kilt Passport?

Culturally and sartorially, the traditional Scottish kilt is a unique garment that enjoys ever-increasing worldwide popularity. A traditional kilt is a major purchase and frequently lasts for more than a lifetime - unlike trousers which can be lightly discarded when worn out or when fashions change.

From this, it follows that each kilt has a unique history that marks the major events in the owner's life- perhaps backpacking in Europe or first worn at the wedding, then perhaps a christening, maybe an international rugby or football match, visits to major Highland games and then who knows . . . to the Palace for an honours presentation!

Such history deserves to be preserved and passed on to the next generation and the Kilt Passport is a tangible way of recording life's journey for that kilt and its wearers . . . yes . . . a kilt frequently gets handed down from father to son and even further - HRH Prince Charles has kilts belonging to his grandfather.

These individually numbered Kilt Passports are available to individual buyers and to all participating kiltmakers and Highland dress retailers who are members of the Scottish Tartans Authority and wish to issue a free Passport with each of their new kilts, or indded soimple retail them..

Inside front cover of the Kilt Passport

The inside front cover is headed by the Authority's Coat of Arms and the introduction:
"Your Kilt is the heirloom of tomorrow. If cared for properly, it will last for two or more generations. Keep this Kilt passport safe and hand it on to future wearers so that they can enjoy its history and know from whom and whence it came"

The facing page accommodates the details of what tartan the kilt is made from; where it was woven and by whom; who made your kilt and when it was completed.
At the foot of that page is your individual Kilt Passport Number.

The next page is for your personal details and a photograph of yourself - or even of your kilt! Then follow six blank pages for you to record the notable events in the life of your kilt.

Finally . . . . the inside back cover contains tips on how to care for your kilt - how to store it, pack it and clean it.

How To Buy

For those of you who already have a kilt and would like to buy a 'Kilt Passport' and start recording its life experiences - please visit our online shop.

For kiltmakers and retailers, just drop us an e-mail and we'll give you our wholesale prices.

No other item of clothing in the world is crafted from a fabric whose design makes such an instant and detailed statement about the wearer - their country of origin or the homeland of their forebears; the state, province or general geographic area in which they live; the ancient clan or modern family to which they belong; perhaps their sporting allegiance or the company they work for or perhaps even the regiment or branch of the armed forces they've served.

Well-made kilts can take up to 20 hours of a skilled kiltmaker's life - measuring, planning, pleating, hand-sewing and pressing, so it is small wonder that with that time and craftsmanship devoted to it and that rich heritage behind it, The Kilt is often regarded as the heirloom of tomorrow and handed down from one generation to the next.


Page 3 of the Kilt Passport


Page 4 of the Kilt Passport


Inside back cover of the Kilt Passport

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