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Tartan seems to embrace so many different subjects that we had to establish an overspill section and now that's filling up at an alarming rate! For Members Only there are the comprehensive Archives - at last count there are over 50 articles with many more to come. The graphics Library is host to over 350 stunning full colour portraits by Victorian artists MacLeayMacIan and Raphael Tuck. Then there's our comprehensive collection of medallions stretching from the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England in 1707, right through to the end of Queen Victoria's reign - all of them in their own way, part of the tartan story.

Finishing off the fascinating graphics are over 150 photographs of the original 1880 Clans Originaux tartans - so anyone wanting to see what clan tartans were being promoted by the Parisian merchants, will have a field day.

'Nostalgia' is a real treat of a trip down memory lane for our oldest members who can gaze longingly at the adverts from the early part of the last century. If genealogy and heraldry are your favourites, then have a look at these two sections.

Background information on the clan system is a very interesting read and then comes our pride and joy which is the Bairns section - once you've opened that up, we dare you not to starting doing some colouring in yourself!

If you have any ideas on new sections that you'd like to see on subjects that we haven't covered - drop us an e-mail!

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