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The Scottish Tartans Authority is dedicated to preserving, promoting and advancing Scottish Tartans - their origins, history, manufacture, use and development.

We rely on individual and business members and supporters to meet our objectives.

Join us to directly contribute to ensuring the preservation, protection and promotion of this national icon for future generations - and benefit from:

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STA Arms 80pxCode of Conduct


The vast majority of Business Members of the Scottish Tartans Authority undoubtedly operate in an entirely ethical manner. However, there may be some existing members and potential members who might welcome clarification of the Authority's aims and objectives in this area.

Scotland has long been famed for its high quality tartan and Highland dress products and the Authority's objective is to maintain and promote that traditional image. Whilst that involves the positive promotion of the genuine Scottish product, the Authority appreciates that world markets are changing and imported tartans and products often fill a price-related customer need that cannot always be met by the output from Scottish weavers and manufacturers.

The Authority's objective therefore is to ensure that all such products are clearly marked so that potential purchasers - personal shoppers or online buyers - are fully aware of the provenance of the product they are considering.

This means that the Authority will not accept for membership any business operators who:

a. Incorrectly infer by their labelling, marketing editorial or personal comments that imported products being offered are of Scottish origin.

b. Infer by their naming that tartans have been accepted by authorised representatives of organisations or geographical areas when no corroboratory documentation can be provided.

c. Produce and use tickets or labelling of any kind that closely resemble those of established manufacturers and are - in the opinion of the Authority - intended to mislead potential purchasers.

d. Weave or have woven near-clones of tartans owned by other companies with the intent of misleading potential purchasers.

e. Operate in a fashion to the detriment of customer satisfaction.

f. Operate in any way which brings the established tartan industry or the Scottish Tartans Authority into disrepute.

The Scottish Tartans Authority reserves the right to withdraw membership from any company which it considers to have persistently or repeatedly operated in a manner covered by sub-paras a ~ f above. No refunds of unused membership payments will be considered for withdrawn memberships.

The Scottish Tartans Authority is the sole arbiter in these matters.


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