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Tartan Ferret

Business Member Benefits

We are the only organisation that is dedicated solely to tartan and so if your business is involved with the iconic cloth or highland wear we would love for you to join us. 
  • Website Business Listing - As a business member you will be listed on our Business Directory. We had over 465,000 unqiue visits to our website in 2015 and so your business will be promoted to thousands of people throughout the world (over 40% of our visitors are from the USA). Find out more here 
  • National Tartan Centre - Keep up to date on the development of the National Tartan Centre - As the project progressess we will update you on opportunities to be involved with and  find out about the exciting developments as we work together with our partners to provide a showcase for one of the world's most iconic designs
  • Tartan Herald - Quarterly Tartan Herald newsletter providing updates on what is happening in the world of tartan, from new tartans to industry news
  • Marketing and PR of your business and products through the STA website and social media channels. The website has an average of around 36,000 users per month.
  • Business support line - free business support helpline for our Members and this unique service delivered by a range of trusted partners with tartan expertise
  • STA Board - Eligible to stand for election to become a member of the Board of the STA representing the industries involved with tartan
  • Website - Feature and link to our popular website that achieves around half a million visitors each year - a great place to promote your business to those with an interest in tartan and Scotland's heritage
  • Social Media - Promotion via our social media channels which again provide a unique platform for us to promote tartan to a worldwide audience
  • Representation and advocacy with key decision makers including a number of government agencies. Providing you with a strong, confident and relevant organisation that has the ear of Government and industry
  • Use of logo  - Use of STA members logo providing credibility and showing your support for securing the future for Scottish tartan - Putting the STA logo on your website will help to provide credibility to your business
  • Tartan Specialists - Got an unanswered question about tartan?  Why not let us help you and if you join as a member you will get exclusive access to our in-house tartan experts. No one in the world knows more than them and we deal with enquiries from throughout the world as we have the most comprehensive resources for everything tartan 
  • More Coming Soon - We are continuing to work on more benefits to support our members 

More for Retailers and Kiltmakers

  • Bulk purchase of our popular Kilt Passports. Our unique Kilt Passports can be sold to your customers or give them as an added value gift to your customers.

More for Manufacturers

  • Access to our acclaimed Provenance Ticketing. If you're a weaver or manufacturer you can apply to join our Provenance Ticketing scheme that provides distinctive 'Woven in Scotland', 'Made in Scotland' and 'Approved' swing tickets for your products or services. These labels guarantee authentic fabrics and products from Scottish craftspeople, based in Scotland or 'Approved' products from craftspeople in other countries who can achieve the standards set by the STA.

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 As a registered charity, we rely on both private and  business members to fulfill our aims. Joining us offers you many great benefits but perhaps most importantly your membership directly contributes to ensuring that one of Scotland's most treasured icons is maintained for future generations of Scots, both home and abroad 


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