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About the STA

About the STA

The Scottish Tartans Authority was formed in 1996 by Scotland's leading weavers and tartan retailers and enjoys a unique mix of governors from both the private and commercial sectors. We were immediately joined by our kindred spirit in the USA - the International Association of Tartan Studies (IATA) and the Tartan Educational and Cultural Association (TECA) and a representative from those bodies serves on our Board of Governors.

For very many years the funding of the Authority's work has been generously supported by donations from leading member companies of the Scottish industry. The launch of the new website in February 2010 marked an end to that revenue stream and the shift to self-sufficiency for the Authority.

We are a registered Scottish Charity with the major objective of promoting a deeper knowledge of Scottish Tartans, their origins, manufacture, use, history and development and we study, record and stimulate research on the subject.

A vitally important objective has also been to compile and maintain the International Tartan Index to record and document all known historical tartans and to provide a free, dependable and accountable information resource for the public and a reliable and comprehensive database of all known tartans.

The Authority's long term aim is also to establish and develop a visitor centre and interpretative museum relating to Scottish Tartans worldwide that would become a major international heritage facility.

So . . . those are the dry objectives! In simple terms we offer a free permanent help line to the general public, weavers, tartan and Highland dress manufacturers and retailers and members of the press from around the world. We stimulate and promote research into tartan and related interests, we continually add to and update our electronic and tartan cloth archives and we design and record new tartans for private individuals and national and international companies. We give lectures, write articles, attend trade events and undertake many overseas promotional visits.

If you agree with our aims and objectives then - by becoming a Member - you too can become part of the team effort to preserve and promote this fascinating aspect of Scottish heritage.

The Scottish Tartans Authority is a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital under Company Number 162386.

Charitable status
The Authority is a Scottish Charity, recognised under Scottish Charity Number SCO24310

Registered Office
J & H Mitchell W.S., 51 Atholl Road, PITLOCHRY. PH16 5BUFor information or queries about our services, we're just a few keystrokes away!

Our Helpline +44 (0)1764 655444 is open 24/7 (answer machine operation after office hours) and we deal with a myriad of questions and cries for help . . . identifying tartans . . . advising on school projects . . . locating unusual products . . . sourcing a special weaver . . . designing a new tartan . . . advising on films . . . the whole gamut of the world of tartan. If you're phoning from the UK use 0845 430 1822 for a local rate call.

Brian Wilton, Director
Scottish Tartans Authority
Muthill Road,
Crieff, Perthshire. PH7 4HQ. Scotland
Tel +44 (0)1764 655444 or 0845 430 1822
Fax +44 (0)1764 654242 or 0845 430 1782

Out of hours - urgent press enquiries only please!
+44 (0) 1764 65 4427 (mobile +44 (0)7785 784896)

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