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Mountains . . . castles . . . lochs . . . kilts . . . bagpipes . . . can there be anything more romantic than a Scottish wedding! Apparently not, since more and more brides and grooms are making the trip to Scotland to experience the wedding of a lifetime - even if there's not a drop of Scottish blood flowing in their veins!

It's said that 80% of today's grooms wear the kilt and we know that their brides are increasingly looking for that special Scottish touch to their wedding dresses - tartan ribbons to match the groom's kilt or discrete panels or piping designed into that special wedding dress. There's no reason, of course, why the Groom should be the only kilted player - the best man and the groomsmen can also be kitted out Highland style in matching tartans - as can any page boys. The Maids of Honour needn't feel left out since you could have their dresses picking up design features from the bride's outfit. 

So . . . whether it's a quiet amd intimate kilted wedding or a lavish event with all the trimmings, you'll have the most memorable of weddings in one of thesupremely romantic settings in the world! For the most luxurious icingon your wedding cake . . . how about having your own tartan designed?

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Tartan wedding tips

1. Start the planning as early as you can.
2. If you're going to hire Highland outfits, identify your chosen kilthire specialist and see the selection of tartans available.
3. If having your own tartan designed - START EARLY - to be on the safe side, a year before the wedding.
4. Don't let the groom wear white hose (stockings) - insist that he chooses a colour that tones in with the kilt.
5. Remember that kilted weddings needn't be confined to Scotland - there are kilthire companies in almost every country in the western world . . . and there IS always the Internet!
6. When it comes to bridal outfits for the star of the day and her mother, there are Scottish designers of international reputer . . . but once again . . . approach them early since they may have pretty full order books.

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The hunt for tartan ribbon frequently causes brides or their Mums a lot of bother: sad to say that out of all the many hundreds of clan tartans, only a couple of dozen are woven in ribbon form - to see which ones, click ribbons. So . . . to avoid disappointment, start looking well in advance and if your chosen ribbon isn't available, look for an alternative.











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