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US Scots History

Estimates of the number of Americans claiming a Scottish ancestry vary between nine and 20 million. If one includes those US citizens who have Scottish ancestry but don't know it . . . 20 million is possibly nearer the mark.

In the United States, half the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent; 13 governors of the newly created United States were of Scottish descent . . . as were 11 Presidents, half the Secretaries of the Treasury and a third of the Secretaries of State.

34 American states have their own tartan adding to the 630 other tartans for American companies, cities, military organisations,fire departments, schools & universities, Highland games, sports teams, private individuals, police forces and a diverse range of other organisations including famous names such as the FBI, the California Highway Patrol, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, American Express, 7th Cavalry, Westpoint Military Academy and even the US Marines.

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