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About the STA ~ who we are and what are our objectives
Act of Proscription ~ the Tartan Ban of 1746
Afflex Slides ~ Researchers' reference
American Scots ~ an embryonic section for the 20 miilion + Americans of Scottish descent.
Ancient Highland Dress ~ what was worn in the old days
Ancient Highland Weapons ~ what drew blood in the old days
Annual General Meetings ~ our annual get-together with our Members
Archives - Members only ~ an ever-growing library of articles
Argentinian Scots ~ our web spot for Argentinian Scots
Arms & Tactics ~1911 article on weapons and battle tactics
Approved tickets ~ Part of the Provenance Ticketing Scheme
Australian Scots ~ our web spot for Australian Scots



Bairns' Colouring Program ~ interactive colouring for young and old
Baronage of Angus & Mearns ~ researchers' reference
Baxter Tartan, The ~ an investigation
Birth of Tartan ~ its first appearance 3,000 years ago
Bolingbroke & Jones ~ Researchers' reference
Book List ~ list of books & papers in the Authority Library
Buffalo Plaid ~ where did it come from
Burns & Tartans ~ the tartans in Rabbie Burns' life
Business Directory ~ 'Where can I Buy? product search system


Caledonian Societies UK
Cant, James MA
, Research ~ Researchers' reference
Canadian Scots ~ our web spot for Canadian Scots
Cargill, James, Research ~ Researchers' reference
Caring for your kilt ~ how to look after it
Case for Clan Tartans ~ evidence of early clan tartans
Celts ~ who they were and where they came from
Cherokee Indians ~ the Scottish influence
Chilean Scots ~ our web spot for Chilean Scots
Clans ~ thoughts on the evolution of the clan system
Clan Societies UK ~ a list of UK societies of which we know
Clans Originaux ~ the elusive Clans originaux tracked down
Clans Originaux Graphics ~ work in progress
Clan Tartans ~ the origin of clan tartans
Clans Today ~ Scottish organisations in the modern world
Code of Conduct ~ commercial standards expected of STA Members
Colours & Dyeing ~ commonly used terms explained
Craven Collection ~ Researchers' reference
Croft Weaver Tartan Designer ~ the FREE, simple tartan design program
Culloden - the Battle
Culloden - End of an Era
Culloden - Eye Witness Account


Dalgety, Jack , Research ~ Researchers' reference
Dance Organisations - over 300!
Davidson, Capt T Stuart , Research ~ Researchers' reference
Designing your Tartan ~ do it yourself or use the professionals
Donations ~ our charitable status and how you can help
Dunbar, John Telfer, Research ~ Researchers' reference
Dunbar Collection, John Telfer ~ Inventory
Dutch Scots ~ the web spot for Scots descendents in the Netherlands
Dyeing - Tartan Colours ~ the historical development of tartan colours
Dyeing - Food to Dye for ~ dyeing from commonplace edible ingredients
Dyeing in the Kitchen ~ small-scale dyeing at home
Dyeing - Traditional ~ how it used to be done


Education & Training ~ planned services for schools, individuals & businesses


Family History - where did you come from?
FAQs ~ answers to many of the comonest questions we receive
Fibre Sources ~ the diverse sources of spinnable and weavable fibres
Fitzpatrick, John (Canada), Research ~ Researchers' reference
Footwear ~ all about modern footwear for Highland dress
Forged Tartans ~ the gifted Sobieski brothers and their fraud
Frequently Asked Questions ~ answers to amany common questions


Gaelic ~ make a start to Gaelic
~ genealogy and tartan go hand in hand
George IV Visit ~ the pivotal visit to Edinburgh in 1822
Getting it Woven ~ how to translate a design into cloth
Grant, James , Research ~ early researcher & author
Graphics Library ~ a wide range of historical paintings
Growth of Tartan ~ the phenomenal progress of tartan


Harris Tweed ~ the unique output of Western Isles weavers
Headgear ~ how to get ahead and choose the right hat
Heraldry ~ where heraldry fits in with tartan
Highland Dress ~ the landing page for all Highland dress information
Highland Way, The ~ how the Chiefs lived in splendour
Highland Clearances, The ~ the infamous clearance of the Highlands
Highland Society of London ~ brief historical details
Highland Weapons ~ what drew blood in the old days
Hillbillies and Rednecks ~ Scots & irish influence on the USA
Hose ~ stockings available for the modern outfit
Hose History ~ how hose developed from the early days
How to wear the kilt ~ from the expert


Ideal outfit in 1900 ~ an interesting slant over a 100 years ago
Individual Studies ~ gaining recognition for your expertise
Irish Dress ~ less than a century old
Irish Tartans ~ a mixture of Scotch and Irish mist!


Jackets, Formal ~ mens' jackets for evening wear
Jackets semi formal & casual
Jacobites ~ the story of the ill-fated Jacobites
Jewellery ~ Highland jewellry
Johnny a'thing ~ for ad hoc payments
Join the Tartans Authority ~ this is where to sign up to the STA


Kidnapped ~ the tartans of the classic Kidnapped novel
Kirkin' o' the Tartan ~ an unusual American custom
Kilt - Caring for ~ how to look after your precious kilt
Kiltmaking ~ an explanation of the basics
Kilt Passports ~ the unique historical log-book for your kilt
Kilts ~ advice from the late Harry Lindley on wearing the kilt


Ladies' Dress ~ some of the options for modern women
Links ~ links to relevant websites
Logan, James ~ early researcher
Lord Lyon & Tartan ~  Lord Lyon's interest in tartan
Lord Lyon's 'noted' Tartans ~ tartans noted by Lord Lyon


MacDonald Peter E., (Scotland), Research ~ head of modern STA Research
MacKay, J.G. , Research ~ early tartan commentator
MacKinley , Research - early researcher & author
MacLeay Portraits ~ the famed Macleay watercolurs
MacLeay - Sitters'Details ~ fascinating details of Macleay's sitters
Made in Scotland ~ part of the Provenance Ticketing Scheme
Mann, Mrs Trudi (Scotland), Research ~ modern researcher
Martin, Bob (USA), Research ~  modern American esearcher  & author
McGregor Hastie, John , Research ~ early researcher & author
Mclan Prints ~ the huge selection of the familiar Highlanders by MacIan
Medallions ~ from 1707 to the Victorian era
Membership ~ read about Membership of the STA
Membership Benefits ~ read what's to be gained by joining the STA
Membership Costs ~ subscription levels
Military Tartans ~ army, air force and navy tartans
Modern Tartan Production ~ in Lochcarron's modern factory.
Modern Highland Dress ~ everything you need to know
Moy Hall Collection ~ a list of 'authentic' tartans
Murray, Tony (Scotland) , Research ~ modern researcher
Museums & Galleries ~ potentially a vbery valuable facility
Mythbusters! ~ read about the myths and reality


New Zealand Scots ~ for Kiwi Scots
Newsome, Matthew (USA), ~ modern American researcher & author
Nostalgia ~ a gallery of early advertisements for Highland dress
Noted Tartans ~ tartans noted by Lord Lyon


Overseas Scots ~ the landing page for that great Scottish Diaspora


Paton Collection ~ brief details of the Tillicoultry weaver's woven collection
Pipe Bands ~ your route to a complete listing
Plaids ~ those lengths of tartan fabric worn over the shoulder
Polish Scots ~ for Scots absorbed into the Polish nation
Promoting your Business ~ how to benefit from this superlative wesbite
Provenance Ticketing ~ see how it can help you
Provost McBean Collection ~ brief details of this Inverness provost's tartan interest
Punta Arenas 1914 ~ an interesting article on Scottish shepherds in Chile




Raphael Tuck Postcards ~ very rare 1906 Clan Postcards of Raphael Tuck
Redshankes ~ why the Highlanders were know as Redshankes (red legs)
Regimental Tartans ~ tartans and the famous Scottish regiments
Registering a Tartan ~ The Scottish Tartan Register
Research ~ so much still to be done
Research Sources ~ stretching back a couple of hundred years
Researchers ~ list of ancient & modern researchers
Resources ~ a catch-all section for a host of subjects
Retail Training ~ raising the standards of service
Ribbon ~ the ins and outs of sourcing tartan ribbons
Romanes & Patersons ~ a very old Highland dress company
Royal Tartans ~ discussed in detail, with graphics
Russian Scots ~ for Russians of Scottish origin


Sashes ~ showing how sashes should be worn
Scandinavian Scots ~ Scandinavians of Scottish origin
Scarlett MBE, James D MBE, Research ~ veteran researcher & author (d. 2008)
Scobie, William (Scotland), Research ~ modern researcher & author
Scotch-Irish? ~ some facts on this unusual sub-set
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Australia
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Austria
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Canada
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ England
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ France
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Germany
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Hong Kong
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Italy
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Japan
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Netherlands
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ N. Ireland
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Portugal
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Russia
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Scotland
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Singapore
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Spain
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ United Kingdom
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ United States
Scottish Country Dancing Societies ~ Wales
Scottish Register of Tartans ~ for registration of new tartans
Scottish Tartans Museum ~ America's only Tartan Museum
Scottish Weddings ~ romance is everywhere in Scotland
Sgian Dubhs ~ that little knife tucked away in the stocking
Shop ~ new shop STA Shop, raising funds to keep us going.
Sir Walter Scott ~ the real catalyst for tartan and Scotish romanticism
Smibert, T. , Research ~ early researcher & author
Smith, Andrew & William ~ excellent early researchers
Smith, Dr Philip D. , Research (USA) ~ modern academic, researcher & author
Some advice on kilt-wearing! ~ more advice on what to do - and what not to do
Speakers' Panel ~ the nucleus of an international speaker's panel
Spinning ~ an introduction to the subject
Spinning - another Perspective ~ a 1936 article on spinning
Sporrans ~ history and the types available
St. Andrew's Societies UK
STA - Who's Who? ~ see who the Governors are
STA Meetings ~ come to the Annual General Meeting every May
STA Coat of Arms ~ an explanation of its design
Stewart, D.W. , Research ~ early researcher & author
Stewart, D.C. , Research ~ earl researcher
Surname Compilations ~ how they're done
Surname Research ~ from Scotland's People
Surnames & Tartans ~ the basic facts


Targemaker ~ the art of reproducing traditional Highland shields
Tartan Herald - our acclaimed periodic Newsletter
Tartan ~ an introduction to this fascinating subject
Tartan? - Edward Harrison talks olf tartan as it was viewed in the 1930s
Tartana - Historical Poem ~ 1713 poem by Alan Ramsey
Tartan Ban - the proscription of Tartan in 1746
Tartan Ban lifted ~ a red letter day in 1782
Tartan Carpets & Rugs ~ the most luxurious of floor coverings
Tartan Design ~ do it yourself or use the professionals
Tartan & Copyright ~ due soon from Murgatroyd & Co.
Tartan for Kids ~ an introduction
Tartan Museum ~ America's only Tartan Museum
Tartan Production ~ how it's done these days
Tartan Registration ~ Scotland's official Tartan Register
Tartan Repeal ~ the lifting of the ban on tartan
Tartan Spotllight ~ Morrison
Tartan Spotlight - Ulster tartan
Tartan Spotlight - Dunblane
Tartan Spotlight - Htg Stewart
Tartan Spotlight - Baxter
Tartan Spotlight - Antigonish Plaids

Tartan Spotlight - Black Watch
Tartan Spotlight - Childers
Tartan Threadcounts ~ an explanation of the recording system
Tartan Timeline ~ important dates in the lifespan of tartan
Tartan Today ~ the modern take on tartan
Teachers' Packs ~ basic tartan & Highland dress notes for schools
Territorial Tartans ~ a discussion of District tartans MEMBERS ONLY
Threadcounts ~ all about them
Top 10 Pages ~ see our most visited Top 10
Trousers & Trews ~ the lowdown on the modern versions


USA - Native Indians ~ introduction to the Scots interaction
USA - Deerskin Trade ~ early deerskin trade with Britain
USA - The Cherokee ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - James Vann ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - John Ross ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - Ooluntuskee ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - Tustunnuggee Hutker ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - Captain Benge ~ more Scots-Indians
USA - Hillbillies and Rednecks ~ Scottish influence in the U.S.


Vestiarium Scoticum ~ The Sobieskis' pivotal work that set the course for clan tartans
Victoria & Albert ~ the most influential Royal couple in the history of tartan
Vintage Corner ~ wallow in nostalgia for the old days!


Wearing the kilt ~ advice from an expert
Weaving ~ a 1930s viewpoint on weaving
Weaving ~ the modern methods
Wedding Tartan ~ how about your very own wedding tartan?
Weddings ~ why Scottish weddings are so popular
What to Wear? ~ a very handy guide from Royal Warrant Holders Kinloch Anderson
What is a Tartan? ~ definitions
Willet, Nephew & Co. ~ early Norwich silk weavers
William Wilson & Son ~ the most important company in early tartan weaving
Wilsons of Bannockburn ~ an introduction to the company
Wilton, E Brian (Scotland), Research
Women's Dress ~ how the ladies can 'go tartan'
Wool Handling ~ from lamb to loom
Woven in Scotland ~ part of the Provenance Ticketing Scheme




For the Registration of all new tartans.






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