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Tartan is a living, evolving art form that plays a vital role in the family histories of millions of Scots and their descendants around the world. In addition, its international symbolism and perennial popularity place it centre stage of the fashion world and also sees it cast as a highly valued marketing tool in commercial and product branding.

As the world's most authoritative source on tartan and Highland dress, we're the one-stop shop for trade and public enquiries, for new tartan designs, for research students . . . for film makers . . . overseas buyers . . . staff training . . . education . . . dress etiquette . . . public speaking . . . TV and radio interviews, and a host of  related professional and cultural services.

We're a charity and we're independent so we have no hidden agendas . . . . except to promote the very best fabrics, products and services in our field that Scotland has to offer - and where they don't originate in Scotland, seek to identify and label their true origin so that no-one's ever under any false impressions.  In other words, we don't want imported products posing as being Scottish-made!

We maintain the world's largest and most comprehensive tartan database, the most extensive woven tartan archives and an unsurpassed archive of books and documents on tartan and its many strands.

Immerse yourself in our website and enjoy your visit. If you like what you see, then have a look at the Membership Benefits and consider joining - as a charity we would much appreciate your support and you'll enjoy full access to our website and its innovative features AND have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping us to preserve the past and promote the future to a global audience of young and old.

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